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Master Pull 7/8 inch Mid Size 4x4 / SUV Kinetic Recovery Rope

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SKU | MPL-TSB078010

Manufacturer: Poly Performance

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Master Pull 7/8 inch Mid Size 4x4 / SUV Kinetic Recovery Rope

Description: Kinetic.

The Super Yanker® kinetic recovery rope is the ultimate recovery rope. During vehicle extraction, the Super Yanker® stretches and absorb enormous energy from the pulling vehicle. This energy is then transferred to the stuck vehicle, resulting in an extremely effective and efficient vehicle recovery.

Shock absorption.

Under max load, a kinetic recovery rope will stretch up to 30%. This stretch helps relieve the jerking action commonly felt during vehicle recovery, effectively reducing the amount of stress put through a vehicle and its occupants.


Professionally hand-spliced in the USA, the kinetic recovery rope is comprised of an inner core and outer cover to provide maximum strength and protection from the elements. Also, the rope will not mildew and is UV resistant.

Part #Description
MPL-TSB078010 M-P Black Super-Yanker ® 7/8" X 10' 28,000lb. Bridle, Extension
MPL-TRB078020 M-P Black Super-Yanker ® 7/8" X 20' 28,500lb. Kinetic Tow Rope
MPL-TRB078030 M-P Black Super-Yanker ® 7/8" X 30' 28,500lb. Kinetic Tow Rope

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  • Weight : 8 LBS