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Warn Endurance 12.0 Ultimate Performance Winch

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Manufacturer: Poly Performance

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Warn Endurance 12.0 Ultimate Performance Winch


Once again, Warn Industries is set to revolutionize the winch world. We've developed a product with more stamina than any other winch of its kind. More power. More speed. More endurance. This is no ordinary winch: This is the WARN Endurance 12.0.

This winch gives you 12,000 lbs. of pulling capacity with an increased duty cycle - the secret is its innovative cooling system. Here's how it works: The specially designed cooling fan (which is mounted under the vehicle's hood) automatically turns on when the winch's motor reaches a certain temperature. The fan forces air through a hose and directly into the winch's motor housing, cooling the motor. The air then flows out of the motor housing via a second hose and is discharged.

The Endurance 12.0 has other outstanding features including a heavy-duty contactor for increased durability and reliability, and a high-speed, three-stage planetary geartrain for fast, smooth, and dependable operation. For the ultimate in good looks and corrosion resistance, the winch wears a durable, glossy-black powder-coated finish. Much of the hardware, including the clutch lever, is stainless steel for added protection against the elements. The Endurance 12.0 also features extreme-duty winch sealing to keep the elements out. And, because this is a WARN winch, it has a limited lifetime warranty backed by a world-wide service organization.

When you want a winch that'll really go the distance, you want a winch with serious endurance: The WARN Endurance 12.0.

  Rated Line Pull: 12,000 lbs. (5440 kg)
  Motor: Series-Wound 4.6 hp 12V
  Remote Control: Remote switch, 12' (3.7m) lead
  Geartrain: 3-stage planetary
  Gear Ratio: 216:1
  Clutch (freespool): Sliding ring gear
  Brake: Mechanical cone brake
  Drum Dia/Length: 2.5" diam./9" length (6.4cm/22.9 cm)
  Wire Rope: 80' of 3/8" (24m of 9.5mm diam.)
  Fairlead: Roller
  Rec Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching
  Battery Leads: 2 gauge, 72" (1.83m)
  Finish: High-gloss black powdercoat
  Nuts/Bolts: PN 39625
12V DC Performance Specs
Line Pull Lbs.(Kgs.)Line Speed FT./min(M/min.)Motor CurrentPull by layer layer/Lbs(Kgs.)
0 (0) 39.5 (12.0) 47.8 amps 1/12,000 (5440)
2000 (910) 15.1 (4.60) 127.0 amps 2/9517 (4317)
4000 (1810) 10.4 (3.17) 192.0 amps 3/7886 (3577)
6000 (2720) 7.7 (2.35) 257.0 amps 4/6732 (3054)
8000 (3630) 6.1 (1.86) 316.0 amps -
9500 (4310) 4.8 (1.46) 358.0 amps -
12000 (5440) 3.4 (1.04) 429.0 amps -

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  • Weight : 100 LBS