KOH 2011

BCC kicked off 2011 by attending King of the Hammers, the worlds toughest offroad race.  The 5th annual King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley was the largest turnout in the events history.  The race was broadcast live on Pirate4x4 so if you couldnt be there in person you could watch from anywhere around the world. 


Arriving a week before the race to test and get ready for the harsh terrain provided by Johnson Valley.  BCC sponsored 2 rigs, # 313 Dustyn Friesen with co-driver Jaime Colbert and # 403 Kris Fraser with co-driver Tommy Hunter. Team #403 was prequalified for the race while team #313 had to battle their way through LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) just to get a spot on the start line, he cleaned the backdoor obstacle and qualified with time to spare.   Starting in the middle of the pack 43rd and 44th respectivley, both teams were great off the start line at 8am.  This race is a war of attrition for both drivers physically and their rigs.  In the first lap # 313 was consistently passing other racers through the rocks and desert and were sitting near the front of the pack,  Kris in #403 was taking it easy and wound up having motor issues that would eventually take him out of the race.  Dustyn in #313 took a hard roll on the last lap of backdoor which took out a tranny cooler and this would be the end of their race.  Both teams gave it everything until they couldn't go anymore and we will be back next year looking for a win.

Dustyn Friesen driving his LS3 powered #313 buggy through the desert.  BCC fully built this Ultra4 Buggy from scratch. 




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