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Tire Plug Kit Contest

worst stuck pictures

Most of us have been there, out on the trail having a blast, just to have your fun deflated early by getting stuck due to a flat tire! Most of the time its a sharp stick puncturing the sidewall or some litterbugs broken beer bottle that puncture your tire. Hopefully this never ends up happening to you, but if and when it does, you better have a good spare, or at least one of our awesome tire plug kits!  These things are great for quickly fixing your flat tire to get you home and when you need it, they are well worth their weight in gold!

For your chance to win one of our tire plug kits FREE, send us your worst stuck pictures! We want to see how you got stuck at your favorite mud hole, or the time your rear diff ended up in about 17 pieces!  Send us your best pictures and the story! The top pictures will end up featured on our site, and the person with the best overall stuck picture / story will win a free tire plug kit!

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