Axles Seals

  • Wheel Bearing Seal

    When you swap out a Birfield joint it's a good idea to change the inner axle seal at the same time to keep the knuckles clean of weeping oil. Fits 79-85 Toyota solid front axle. This is a great part to keep in your tool box for trail side repairs.

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  • HD Inner Axle Seal

    Our Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty Front Inner Axle EcoSeals are an amazing upgrade for your truck.

    ONLY 15.89

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  • Rear Axle Outer Rubber Seal

    Replacement Rear Axle Rubber Seals for 1979-99 or 2000-04 Toyota axle shafts!

    ONLY 15.89

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  • Rear Axle Bearing Collar

    Rear Axle Bearing Retainer, Genuine Toyota part made in Japan

    ONLY 19.59

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  • HD FJ80 Inner Axle Seal

    we present to you our new FJ80 Heavy Duty Front Inner Axle Seal!

    ONLY 20.89

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  • Spindle Brass Axle Bushing

    These fit fine-spline birfields, which are found in factory-disc-brake-equipped 9/1975-1985 FJ40/45/55/60/62, Hilux/4Runner Toyota front axles.

    ONLY 79.79

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  • FJ80 Knuckle Gasket & Seal Kit

    Includes all the standard knuckle service parts: wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, bearing seals, hub gaskets, and a pair of our very own EcoSeal HD FJ80 Inner Axle Seals.

    ONLY 100.29

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  • Land Cruiser Rear Axle Rebuild Kit

    This is a rear axle rebuild kit for your 9/73-8/92 FJ40/60/62 Land Cruiser

    ONLY 121.39

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  • Knuckle Service Kit

    This is our high quality knuckle service kit that includes all serviceable knuckle parts such as wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, bearing seals, hub gaskets, knuckle shims, High Quality Japanese-made Yukon knuckle bearings and our exclusive EcoSeal Inner Axle Seals.

    ONLY 171.79

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  • FJ80 Knuckle Service Kit

    We are happy to offer our extremely popular Knuckle Service Kit for your 1990-97 FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser.

    ONLY 214.69

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