Brakes and Hubs

  • Front Brake Pads

    Premium Semi-Metallic asbestos free front replacement brake pads. Set of 4 pads. Applications to fit Toyota's from 1979-2004

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  • Rear, Brake Caliper Mount Kit

    The Rock Assault 9™ Caliper Mount Kit is a bolt on kit that’s easy to install. It allows you to mount Wilwood Dynalite Calipers MFR# 120-4993 on the Trail-Gear Unit Bearing Pockets. Fits Spidertrax: 5 & 6 Lug Hat, and Spidertrax: 14” Rotor. (Min 17” wheel required.)

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  • Standard Vented Rotor

    In order to keep the larger 1986+ calipers when doing a solid axle swap on a Pickup/4Runner you need a set of FJ60 Land Cruiser vented rotors. These rotors also fit 1981-85 Toyota Pickup/4Runner solid front axles when using 86 to 95 IFS style calipers

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  • Oversized Wheel Cylinder

    This upgrade fits all 1986-1995 Pickup/4Runner drum brake setups. This is not a cheap-o aftermarket knock off, this is a Genuine Toyota parts, guaranteed to last thousands and thousands of leak-free miles.

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  • TG 14" Brake Rotor

    Trail-Gear is now offering 14” diameter, 3/8” thick steel rotors. Engineered to be trail tough, these rotors are an essential piece designed to work with the Rock Assault™ 9-inch Axle Housing

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  • TG Brake Hat

    When you are heading down steep, challenging terrain and taking on serious trail obstacles, you want stopping power you can rely on. Trail-Gear is now offering a Brake Hat featuring our signature strength, quality and affordability.

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  • Forged Dynalite Caliper, Wilwood

    Trail-Gear is now offering Wilwood’s Forged Dynalite 4-Piston Brake Calipers. Forged Dynalites are the strongest calipers in the class, with weights starting at 2.80 pounds. Structural deflection and volume displacement tests have proven the Forged Dynalite to outperform all existing styles of this popular caliper size.

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  • FJ80 Brake Master Cylinder, 1" Bore

    Makes a great replacement for older Pickup's and 4Runners with smaller bore size. Fits 1979-1995 Pickups and 4Runners. Master Cylinder features 1" piston and residual valves for both front and rear disc brakes. Can be used with disc or drum brakes. Includes reservoir.

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  • V6 IFS Front Brake Caliper

    These are the perfect calipers for upgrading the brakes on 1979-1985 front solid axles.

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  • Big Bore FJ80 Brake Master Cylinder

    This is a genuine Toyota 1990-97 FJ80 Land Cruiser Brake Master Cylinder. This fits all FJ80 Land Cruisers and also makes for a great replacement part for older Pickup's and 4Runners that have a smaller bore

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  • Brake Kit, Fully Loaded, Front

    Get everything you need for brakes to go with Trail-Gear’s Rock Assault™ 9 Front Axle Housing.

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