• Shackle D-Ring

    D-Ring shackles make a great pull point for vehicle recovery. Working load limit 4 3/4" tons.

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  • D-Ring Shackle

    Everyone should carry at least one recovery shackle in their tool box. This 3/4" shackle can be used for connecting winch rope or pull straps together. Also good for attaching to anchor points of the trail or rig. Makes great tow point when installed on custom bumpers.

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  • Crosby 3/4″ Shackles

    We don’t believe you should compromise your winch recovery safety just to save a few bucks on low quality imported shackles. We have stress tested numerous low quality imported shackles and are amazed in the wide variation of material yield points and ultimate breaking strengths. This is why 99% of imported shackles are not certified to be used in critical overhead/crane lifting operations.

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  • FlatLink E (EXPERT)

    The FlatLink E (Expert) is a variation of our popular foldable standard FlatLink winch shackle mount. The FlatLink E provides a means to eliminate the conventional winch hook and replace it with a safer and more secure screw pin shackle resulting in a CLOSED SYSTEM WINCHING operation.

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  • ProLink Bridle

    The ProLink Bridle provides winch owners with a means to replace the conventional winch hook with a safer and stronger screw pin shackle/D-ring. The ProLink Bridle is a multiple shackle mount product designed for winch cables. The ProLink Bridle is a specialized commercial product designed primarily for the towing industry.

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