• Drive Shaft Bolt Parts

    Replacement drive shaft bolts, nuts and washers. Bolts include factory thread lock adhesive applied to threads. Hardware sold individually.

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  • Toyota U-Joint

    OEM Replacement U-Joint. We have tested these joints to 3700 ft-lbs of torque before failure. These U-Joint fit most 1979-1995 4wd applications. Includes four

    ONLY 39.29

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  • Hilux/4Runner Drive Line Universal Joint

    Fits standard 1984-1995 Toyota drive lines and makes a great trail spare

    ONLY 55.19

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  • Longfield™ Driveline Spacers

    Driveline too short after you do a lift? We have 1 inch and 1.5 inch spacers with bolts.

    ONLY 42.39

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  • Pattern-less 30-spline Heavy Duty Transfer Case Flange

    We are now offering pattern-less 30-spline flanges to fit all 1988+ 6cyl Hilux and T100 chain drive transfer cases as well as all 1995+ 4cyl or 6cyl Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner chain drive transfer cases.

    ONLY 60.09

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  • Four Pattern 30-Spline Flange

    Marlin Crawler is proud to release our new Four Pattern Heavy Duty 30-Spline Transfer Case Flange. Applications include all 1988-1995 V6 Hilux & T100 and 1995+ Tacoma/Tundra/FJ Cruiser/4Runner chain drive transfer cases.

    ONLY 66.19

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  • Front Differential Drop Kit

    Front Differential Drop Kit - Lift Kits and Parts

    ONLY 62.49

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  • Long Spline Drive Shaft Kit

    Includes a new high quality Japanese-made U-Joint, which is the same u-joint as stock 1984-1995 Pickup & 4Runner applications

    ONLY 366.89

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  • Heavy Duty Driveline Kit (Matsuba U Joint)

    We are pleased to announce the release of Trail-Gear’s new and improved heavy duty drive line. The heavy duty driveline splines are 42% larger than our old design and the spline section is nylon-coated to prolong many years of use on the trail.

    ONLY 472.59

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  • Heavy Duty Long Travel Front Drive Shaft

    Our USA-made Heavy Duty Long Spline drive shafts feature a 10-spline 1-5/8" slip and is built with 0.156-inch thick USA steel tube!

    ONLY 673.69

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  • Rear Disconnect Kit

    The Trail Gear Rear Disconnect is the ultimate addition to your ride! The air-actuated rear disconnect allows you to get out of tight spots by disconnecting your rear driveline and allows the front to get you out from behind an obstacle by doing a front dig. This can save critical time in a race or save you from hazardous backups in tight spots.

    1,550.00 | ONLY 1,394.99

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