Fabrication Parts

4x4 Fabrication

4x4 Fabrication Parts

  • Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps

    Need to place a support tube across your truggy or buggy, but need the flexibility to remove a motor, transmission, or even a seat? We have the perfect solution for you, Trail-Gear’s Interlocking Tube Clamps. They are machined from 100% 4130 Chromoly and use a counter sunk allen head screw.

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  • OD Tube Clamps 2"

    Trail-Gear O.D. Tube Clamps are ideal for suspension and steering brackets that you need attached to a section of tubing when you don’t want to weld the bracket directly to the tubing because adjustment or frequent removal of the bracket is needed.

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  • Trail-Link Three™ Front 3-Link parts

    Individual Trail-Link Three™ Front 3-Link parts

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  • Universal Buggy Mirror & Mount

    Synergy Universal Buggy Mirror and Mount Race style exterior mirror mount commonly seen on competition off road race vehicles Designed to be welded directly to vehicle or bolt on with the use of 3119-XXX Laser Cut OD Tube Clamps Constructed of high strength 3/4 x .120 DOM tubing Includes: (1) 3/4 x .120 DOM Mirror tube frame, with welded mirror plate. (1) 12" long pre notched 3/4 x .120 DOM support tube (1) 5" Convex Buggy Mirror

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  • Front Bumper Stinger Kit

    This is our all-new Do-It-Yourself Front Bumper Stinger Kit!

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