• Tacoma Firewall Plate

    When doing a solid axle conversion on a Tacoma, you are required to remove the OEM rack and pinion steering system, which leaves a large hole in your firewall. Our Tacoma firewall plate fills that hole and bolts into the OEM fastener locations. This kit takes all the work out of this area of the project and cuts a 2 hour job down to 10 minutes.

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  • Toyota Body Mount Kit

    Body Mount Kit for Toyotas. These USA-made Daystar Body Mounts are resistant to vehicle fluids and road grime.

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  • Tacoma Front Frame Reinforcement Kit

    No matter if you are pre-running, rock crawling, or just mall crawling, your 95 1/2 to 2004 Tacoma frame is a weak link in an otherwise tough and dependable truck. The portion of your frame from the door to the front bumper is only about .095" thick, which is about 3/32", or a little thicker than a nickel. That means that rocks, rust, dunes, or even curbs put your frame at risk of bending, cracking, or breaking.

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  • Flatbed Optional Fenders

    This Kit is made on Trail-Gears own CNC Tube Bender from 1.75” x .120 wall DOM tubing, and makes a great platform to wrap with any material you choose to provide extra protection.

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