Pinion Yokes

  • Pattern-less 30-spline Heavy Duty Transfer Case Flange

    We are now offering pattern-less 30-spline flanges to fit all 1988+ 6cyl Hilux and T100 chain drive transfer cases as well as all 1995+ 4cyl or 6cyl Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner chain drive transfer cases.

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  • Four Pattern 30-Spline Flange

    Marlin Crawler is proud to release our new Four Pattern Heavy Duty 30-Spline Transfer Case Flange. Applications include all 1988-1995 V6 Hilux & T100 and 1995+ Tacoma/Tundra/FJ Cruiser/4Runner chain drive transfer cases.

    ONLY 66.19

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  • Triple Drilled Differential Flange

    Bolt on installation with machined seal surface. We also offer a spare dust shield in case your flange has lost it's ability to repel dust mites.

    ONLY 79.79

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  • Five Pattern Differential Flange

    this new 5-27 (five pattern, 27-spline) Marlin Crawler Flange is 38% thicker than the common triple drilled flange and also includes inner and outer chamfering to maximize strength. Just look how BEEFY our flange is compared to the other flanges!

    ONLY 91.99

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