• Small Diff Armor

    Here is a great way to add some beef to the axle housing and protect your ring gear from trail damage. This weld on plate is curved to fit snugly over the face of your solid axle housing. Made from 1/4" thick plate steel. Fits front or rear 79-95 8" Toyota solid axle housings. Also fits 91-97 front FJ-80 axle. Diff Armor, Small Curved, 120234-1-KIT

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  • FJ Cruiser Rear Differential Armor (2007-2013)

    Protect your differential gears from unnecessary damage. Trail-Gear now offers weld on differential Armor for 2007-2013 FJ Cruiser. Precision Laser Cut from 1/4” A36 Steel, then CNC formed to provide the best protection. Part is shipped raw, and requires painting after welding.

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  • Rock Assault 9 Pinion Guard

    Protect your U-Joint from unnecessary damage. Our Rock Assault 9™ Pinion Guards are CNC Laser Cut and formed from 3/8” thick A36 Steel. This upgrade is available for standard and flipped housing configurations. These are designed to fit factory Ford 9” housings, and aftermarket replacements. Part is shipped raw and lightly oiled for rust prevention.

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