• Fitting, PS Box, M16-1.5 HP

    This special fitting is used to connect the high pressure steering hose to the steering box. Steering Box, High Pressure Fitting, 130511-1-KIT

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  • Knuckle Pull Scale

    A pull scale is helpful in setting up the shims on a knuckle. By increasing the shims above and below the knuckle the knuckle becomes tighter.

    ONLY 15.39

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  • Low Pressure Return Fitting

    Low Pressure Return Fitting, 130508-1-KIT

    ONLY 19.99

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  • Weld-In Steering Rod Bungs

    Finally a weld in bung with the thread pitch of an FJ80 TRE, which is the most commonly used TRE in Toyota hi-steer kits. Once welded into your tie rod or drag link, this bung will allow you to make a custom length steering shaft in minutes.

    ONLY 36.79

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  • Rock Assault Steering Stops

    A good set of steering stops is critical so that your steering does not over travel and damage other steering or axle components.

    ONLY 44.49

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  • Low Pressure IFS Steering Box Fitting

    Low Pressure IFS Steering Box Fitting, 130510-1-KIT

    ONLY 42.99

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  • PS Pulley (V-Belt)

    This pulley is designed to fit our standard or full hydraulic power steering pumps. Power Steering Pump Pulley, 130503-1-KIT

    ONLY 59.89

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  • PS Cooler

    If you're running a high volume/pressure pump your system is generating much more heat then the stock system. Fluid overheating can cause damage to steering pump and steering box.

    ONLY 121.29

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