• Knuckle Stud

    Factory Toyota knuckle hardware. Fits 1979-1985 Toyota front solid axle knuckle and a 1990-1997 Toyota FJ80 Landcruiser.

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  • Fitting, PS Box, M16-1.5 HP

    This special fitting is used to connect the high pressure steering hose to the steering box. Steering Box, High Pressure Fitting, 130511-1-KIT

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  • Spindle Bearing Nut Kit

    Normally the nuts that hold the wheel bearings can be reused over and over again. If your wheel bearing retainer nuts need replacing this kit is for you. Kit contains 2 nuts, star washer and flat index washer

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  • TG Super Metal Knuckle Stud (single)

    Stronger and longer than stock Toyota replacement knuckle studs and more affordable than our Magnum Studs these studs will provide great strength without breaking the bank.

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  • Knuckle Pull Scale

    A pull scale is helpful in setting up the shims on a knuckle. By increasing the shims above and below the knuckle the knuckle becomes tighter.

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  • Knuckle, Stud, Hex, ARP

    Trail-Gear Magnum knuckle studs are stronger than any other stock replacement Toyota knuckle stud on the market. These heavy-duty studs are manufactured to our specifications by world-renowned bolt manufacturer ARP (Automotive Race Products). Each stud is made from super tough, ARP 2000 material and is hardened to 220,000 PSI. Magnum studs are .250" (1/4

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  • Low Pressure Return Fitting

    Low Pressure Return Fitting, 130508-1-KIT

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  • Knuckle Hardware

    Magnum Stud

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  • Camber Adjustment Bushing

    This 0° Camber/Caster fits the Rock Assault™ 9 Inner C. 2 of each are required for one front axle housing

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  • Rock Ring: Kit, 4 Pcs

    We have had a lot of people tell us they dont like the stock inner felt plates because they are so thin and are easily damaged in the rocks. Well check out this trick solution.

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  • Weld-In Steering Rod Bungs

    Finally a weld in bung with the thread pitch of an FJ80 TRE, which is the most commonly used TRE in Toyota hi-steer kits. Once welded into your tie rod or drag link, this bung will allow you to make a custom length steering shaft in minutes.

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  • Rock Assault Steering Stops

    A good set of steering stops is critical so that your steering does not over travel and damage other steering or axle components.

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  • Low Pressure IFS Steering Box Fitting

    Low Pressure IFS Steering Box Fitting, 130510-1-KIT

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  • PS Pulley (V-Belt)

    This pulley is designed to fit our standard or full hydraulic power steering pumps. Power Steering Pump Pulley, 130503-1-KIT

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  • IFS Steering Box Mount

    If you're installing crossover steering on your 79-85 4wd Toyota you're going to need to mount an IFS steering box. This frame mount kit includes both inner and outer frame reinforcing plates, grade 8 bolts, DOM tubing, and Crimp nuts.

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  • Steering Column - 3 1/4"

    This steering column will allow you to use your existing Toyota steering linkage without having to buy a coupler and then cut and weld on your steering shaft. This steering column measures 3 1/4 inches from the base of the flange to the outer edge of the shaft, and fits most brands of steering valves (Orbitals) that are commonly used in this application.

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