• Samurai Transfer Case Shifter Seat

    Does your transfer case get stuck between gears? Is your shifter stuck and wont move? The most likely cause is a worn out shifter seat. This easy to replace item can be installed in just a few minutes. Fits 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai transfer cases. Samurai T-Case Shifter Seat, 105034-3-KIT

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  • samurai transfer case flange nut

    Fits input and output shaft flanges on 1986-1995 Samurai Transfer Cases. Factory original replacement part.

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  • T-Case Mount Kit, HD, Sami

    Have you installed lower transfer case gears in your Samurai? Lower than stock transfer case gears can stretch and damage stock rubber and aftermarket polyurethane transfer case mounts. Our heavy duty aluminum transfer case mounts are a solid way to attach your low range case. Easy installation, just unbolt the stock ones and replace. Kit contains three spacers and mounting hardware.

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  • Speedometer Extension Cable

    When installing a dual adapter, the position of the speedo output moves back about 6.5" from stock. We recommend using a speedo extension when connecting mechanical speedometer cables to a dual adapter.

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  • Samurai Transfer Case Gasket/Seal Kit

    Transfer-case seal kit gaskets and seals. Suzuki Transfer Case Gasket/Seal Kit, 105039-3-KIT

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  • T-Case Rebuild Kit, Major Sami

    Transfer-case rebuild kit with bearings, gaskets and seals. Samurai Transfer Case Rebuild Kit, 105038-3-KIT

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  • Samurai Transfer Case Front Output Shaft

    Putting in lower transfer case gears and really getting on the throttle can sometimes damage the front output shaft. This results in a loud popping noise under load and is detrimental to the life of the output shaft. Repeated popping of the front output shaft gear will result in gear failure and loss of power to the front axle

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  • 4.16:1 Suzuki Samurai Crawler Gear Kit

    Trail Tough's economical 4.16:1 gear set. 84% low range reduction, 12% high range reduction.

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  • Sammi 6.5 T-Case Gear Set

    Low range gears are critical for technical off-road driving. Our Samurai low range gear kit is the highest quality gear set available. Low Range reduction is 6.5 to 1. High Range reduction is 20% (1.7 to 1). No welded or second rate, gears here

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  • T-Case Rebuilt, Sami, 6.5 Gears

    Do you want low gears without the hassle of rebuilding your transfer case? Let Trail-Gear install our 6.5 transfer case gear set into your 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai transfer case. We dissemble your t-case, clean and scrub everything. We clearance the housing as needed and install our 6.5 gear set.

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