• 10mm Dual Case Stud

    M10 x 1.25 x 48, which is a 10mm stud diameter, 1.25 metric thread pitch, and 48 mm overall length.

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  • Pinion Nut / Output Shaft Nut

    Stock replacement nut. Fits diff or transfer case. Pinion Nut, 140075-1-KIT

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  • Flange Dust Shield, T/C

    Triple Drilled Flange Dust Shield, Transfer case.

    ONLY 9.79

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  • Speedometer Extension Cable

    When installing a dual adapter, the position of the speedo output moves back about 6.5" from stock. We recommend using a speedo extension when connecting mechanical speedometer cables to a dual adapter.

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  • Top Shift Conversion

    Need to convert a forward shift case to top shift? We have a great kit that will get the job done. Our kit is made with ALL new parts, and is already machined to accept a 4.7 input gear

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  • 2.28 Transfer Case Gear Set

    With low geared rock crawling and high speed rock racing, we have seen many failures from the OEM 2.28 stock gears. Many of these failures could have been avoided by simply replacing the 30 year old OEM gears and bearings. Traditionally, no one except Toyota sold the replacement parts.

    ONLY 253.29

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  • 23spline 2.28 Input Gear

    If your installing a dual transfer case on a turbo or V6 and you wish to use a 2.28 gear set in the front case, you will need to use this 23 spline 2.28 t-case input gear. For use on gear-driven, 4cyl transfer case assemblies.

    ONLY 274.79

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  • Transfer Case Gears

    For rock crawling, lower transfer case gears give you the control you need to keep your truck on track. Trail-Gear offers an affordable 4.70:1 gear kit for your gear driven Toyota transfer case. Trail-Creeper T-Case gears are available in 21 and 23 spline configurations. Kits include replacement gears, gaskets and seals. Disassembly and modification of transfer case is required for installation. Input gears are precision ground & micro-polished to guarantee the removal of all surface imperfections in the forging.

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  • 2000-2004 2UZ-FE 4.7-liter V8 drivetrains

    This adapter kit allows you to bolt the Toyota RF1A Gear Drive Transfer case behind your Tundra automatic transmission.

    ONLY 796.39

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  • Trail-Creeper

    Transfer cases are made from two basic sections, the reduction section and the 4wd section. To build a dual transfer case, two reductions boxes are bolted back to back with a dual case adapter. These two are then bolted to a 4wd section. The TrailCreeper shown at the right is ready to bolt onto the front of a top shift style, gear driven Toyota transfer case. Available with 21 or 23 spline input and output gears. Units are completely rebuilt and inspected. Low range gear ratio is 2.28. Floorboard and drive shaft modifications are required for dual transfer case installation. No core charge. One year warranty.

    ONLY 875.69

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