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1st Gen Tacoma & 4Runner Dual Case Kit

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Manufacturer: Marlin Crawler

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In order to install a Hilux Low Range Reduction Housing in front of a chain drive transfer case, two adapters are required to get the job done. First, the bolt pattern at the transmission tailhousing must be converted, and secondly the bolt pattern at the chain drive transfer case must be converted. For the front adapter we use a 1/2" thick Billet Aluminum Plate to mate a Hilux Reduction Housing behind the Hilux/Tacoma/4Runner transmission. And for the rear adapter we use another Billet Aluminum Plate to bolt a Chain Drive Transfer case behind the Hilux Low Range Housing. And what we end up with is the Marlin Crawler TacoBox™, a fully assembled Dualcase Unit.

The heart of the TacoBox™ is the rear adapter. This 6th generation Dualcase Adapter features everything you'd expect from the quality and reliability of Marlin Crawler. First we machine a block of solid Billet T6061 Aluminum on a CNC mill. Then we use our 32-Ball Double Roller Bearing, the same double roller bearing that has proven itself since 1999. Next we create a Heavy Duty Oversized Coupler and Heat Treat it for the ultimate in strength and reliability.

 It is nice to know that our chain drive adapters feature the same exclusive advanced reliability design as the gear drive adapters, something Marlin created over 7 years ago! Designed from the strongest and most reliable Toyota Dual Transfer Case System in the World.

These chain drive adapters allow a gear drive reduction housing to mate to the front of a toyota VF-family chain drive transfer case.

The front Adapter Plate is much more simple than the Rear, but it plays an equally important role. It has a rotation option of 10-degrees to help get the front driveline up and out of the rocks. When combined with our rotated rear adapter, a total rotation of 20-degrees is achieved.

 Like the Rear Adapter, the Front Adapter is made from a solid piece of Billet T6061 Aluminum. Again Marlin realized that the coupler is perhaps the most important component of these kits, so he built the adapter around a special heat treated oversized coupler. This Front Adapter plate allows a Hilux Gear Drive Reduction Housing to be bolted directly behind a chain drive transfer case style Hilux/Tacoma/4Runner 5-speed or Automatic Transmission.

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  • Weight : 120 LBS