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2nd Gen Tacoma / 4Runner / FJ Cruiser Dual Case Kit

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Manufacturer: Marlin Crawler

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In 2002, Marlin Czajkowski developed the world's very first Tacoma/4Runner Dualcase Crawler. Based on the bullet-proof double roller MC08 Billet Aluminum Dualcase Adapter, Marlin expanded his product line to include the Tacoma-series drivetrain, and ushered in a whole new series of adapters. Marlin Crawler is the first company in the world to offer a Dual Case setup in a Tacoma/4Runner by placing a Hilux Gear Drive Redution Housing in between a Tacoma/4Runner Transmission and Chain Drive Transfercase. This extra Low Range unit comes standard with a 2.28:1 Low Range, and can also be fitted with our 4.70:1-TS™ Gear Set.

In order to install a Hilux Low Range Reduction Housing between a Tacoma/4Runner Transmission and Transfercase, two adapters are required to get the job done. For the front adapter we use a 1/2" thick Billet Aluminum Plate to mate a Hilux Reduction Housing behind the Tacoma/4Runner transmission. And for the rear adapter we use another Billet Aluminum Plate to bolt a Tacoma/4Runner Chain Drive Transfercase behind the Hilux Low Range Housing. And what we end up with is the Marlin Crawler TacoBox™, a fully assembled Dualcase Unit.

The heart of the TacoBox™ is the rear adapter, the all new Marlin Crawler MC11-T360. This 7th generation Dualcase Adapter features everything you'd expect from the quality and reliability of Marlin Crawler. First we machine two solid blocks of T6061 Billet Aluminum on a CNC mill, producing the two halves of the new T360 design. Then we use our 32-Ball Double Roller Bearing, the same double roller bearing that has proven itself since 1999. Next we create a Heavy Duty Oversized Coupler and Heat Treat it for the ultimate in strength and reliability. It is nice to know that the Tacoma TacoBox™ MC11 Adapter features the same exclusive advanced reliability design as the Hilux Adapters, nearly a decard worth of proven reliability! The Tacoma TacoBox™ is clearly designed from the strongest and most reliable Toyota Dual Transfer Case System in the World.

The all new MC11-T360 is the first Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Cruiser adapter to feature a full 360-degrees of rotation! Now you can customize the rotation of your transfer case for your specific needs.

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This is a Completely Assembled RTI (Ready To Install) Unit for a Left-Hand front output setup. Unit is assembled with our MC11-T360 Dualcase Adapter. Clockable options include ± 360-degrees in 5-degree increments. Includes: TacoBox™ Unit, Oversized Coupler, Seal Adapter, Sealant, Attaching Hardware, and a Shift Handle with our Marlin Crawler Turtle Knob. 4.00:1 and 4.97:1 ratios available on request. No core charge required.

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  • Weight : 120 LBS