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Big Bore V6 Hilux Brake Master Cylinder

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SKU | MCBR-142

Manufacturer: Marlin Crawler

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Replacement master cylinder for older Pickup's and 4Runners with a smaller master cylinder. Fits 1979-1995 Pickup/4Runner. Features 1" piston. Works with drum rear brakes. Bolt on installation. Includes reservoir. On 1979-1985 Trucks and 4Runners the smaller factory bore works fine with stock, solid front rotors and 8" rear drums. If you upgrade the rear to larger 1986 and up, 10" drums and/or upgrade the front to a vented style caliper you will want to install a 1" bore master cylinder like this one for additional volume. Includes an integrated float with a low level warning switch (connect this to your brake warning lamp).

Upgrading your brakes without changing the master cylinder results in excess brake pedal travel. If you have upgraded your brakes on a 1979 to 1985 truck and now you have to push the peddle nearly to the floor, this master cylinder will make the peddle feel like it should.

Please note: In the picture above, the left outlet port operates the front brakes, and the right outlet port operates the rear brakes. Just remember, the front port (furthest from the booster) works the front, and the rear port (closest to the booster) works the rear brakes.

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  • Weight : 4 LBS