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Dual Transfer Case Adapters

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Manufacturer: Marlin Crawler

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Introducing our Xtreme Duty MC07 Toyota Dual Transfer case Adapter Kit. With nearly 20 years experience with Toyota transfer cases, we build the strongest and most reliable Toyota dual case setups in the world.

Equipping your truck with our dual transfer case setup will drastically lower your truck's final drive ratio. This is because you will have an extra low range gear set that you can engage. Your truck will be able to move very slowly, even with the clutch fully disengaged, regardless if going uphill or downhill. Through different gear ratio options, the Crawl Box will instantly multiply your trucks final drive ratio. This provides more torque, control, and traction. Torque is increased by a larger gear ratio, control is increased by being able to drive through an obstacle at a slower pace, and traction is increased due to less wheel speed. Your truck will move a minimum of 56% slower, with gearing options available to move your truck up to 2,198% slower than stock! With an optional and crazy triple case setup, the sky truly is the limit!

One great thing about using our dual case setup is that your high range is unaffected. This is because the Toyota high range gear ratio is a 1:1 ratio. Therefore, when our dual case is not needed, it is simply shifted into high range. Once in high range your vehicle is free to travel in the city or highway at normal driving speeds as if our kit wasn't even there. But once you are out on the trail and you encounter a technical rocky section, all you have to do is shift our Crawler into low range and now you are doubled down!

Our new Xtreme Duty MC07 Dual Case Adapter Kit is the strongest we've ever designed.

Exclusive Xtreme Duty features not found anywhere else:

  • Double Row Maximum Capacity Main Shaft Bearing
    • 8-times more rigid than a 6209 single row bearing
    • 59% wider, 158% higher load rating, 3.5 times greater ball count
    • Minimizes axial flex to maximize coupler and input spline life
  • Chromoly Couplerfor maximum spline strength, durability, and longevity
    • Radiused design improves pocket bearing oiling
  • New XD Oversized Lower Cage Bearing is 52% stronger
    • Features a machined race instead of flimsy stamped steel race
    • Withstands greater temperature and pressure
  • Heavy Duty Plate Webbing for increased rigidity
  • Thrust Washer Lock System to prevent wear, debris in oil, and metal-on-metal friction/heat
  • Huge Shelf Oil Passages capture and transfer more oil
  • Multi-bolt Retention System designed for optimum load spreading
  • Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Heavy Duty Metric Fasteners
  • CAD Optimized Light Weight Adapter Cutouts to increase oil capacity and save weight
  • Unique Margasket to simplify installation
  • Complimentary EcoSeal Transmission Output Seal
    • This is the most effective and versatile output seal, bar none.
Available in standard as well as a 10-degree rotated version. The rotated version aids in drive train and front drive line ground clearance, however please be aware that limited crossmember solutions exist for rotated drive trains, and a custom-built crossmember may be required. Made in USA!

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  • Weight : 70 LBS