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Five Pattern Differential Flange

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Manufacturer: Marlin Crawler

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Marlin Crawler is proud to release the first ever Toyota Five Pattern Differential Case Flange. Working with our friends at Inchworm, this flange was created with 16 holes comprising of 5 different flange bolt patterns that accommodate 18 different driveline bolt pattern applications.

The five patterns include: 60mm x 60mm, 64mm x 56mm, 66mm x 66mm, 68.3mm x 60mm, and 70mm x 61.5mm.


The 18 different applications include:

  • FJ40 63-8/69 fine spline differentials
  • FJ40 8/69-1/74 fine spline differentials
  • FJ40 1/74-8/84 fine spline differentials
  • FJ40 78-80 4spd t/case front output shaft (this t/case flange uses a differential dust shield)
  • FJ60 1/74-8/84 differentials
  • FJ60 9/84+ differentials
  • RN Hilux 79-83 differential
  • RN Hilux 84+ differentials
  • RN Hilux 86-87 Turbo differentials
  • VN Hilux 88 differentials

Plus 8 other transfer case patterns not listed above. Some 8 mm bolt patterns also match a supplied 10 mm bolt pattern, which you can use with your 8mm driveline if you drill it out (drill your driveline side) to accommodate the 10mm pattern of our flange. Likewise, 1974+ FJ40/60's use an 11 mm bolt which can be used with our flange with minor modifications.

In addition to the it's amazing compatibility, Marlin Crawler redesigned the flange with thicker walls: 35% thicker than a stock Toyota flange and 38% larger than the common aftermarket triple drilled flange. Please consider the below image:

Flange Thickness Comparison

As you can see, this new 5-27 (five pattern, 27-spline) Marlin Crawler Flange is 38% thicker than the common triple drilled flange and also includes inner and outer chamfering to maximize strength. Just look how BEEFY our flange is compared to the other flanges!

This differential flange comes with a differential dust shield and is therefore designed for pinion shafts. If you are looking for the transfer case version of this flange, please click here. Also, extra differential dust shields are available in case a rock somehow decided to tag yours!

Sold individually.

Note for 1979-83 truck owners- We have many drive shafts core to help you convert to the larger and strong 84+ drive shafts. Give us a call for more info.

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