Journey farther with All-Pro Off-Road’s RotopaX fuel can holders.

These aluminum can holders are specifically designed to fit RotopaX 3-Gallon fuel cans.  An extra 3-Gallons of fuel is certainly reassuring, however these carriers go further by holding up to 3 cans for a total of 9 gallons.  With that kind of capacity, your overland trips can take you just about anywhere.

These carriers fit All-Pro Off-Road’s Dual Swing Out Bumpers for 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma. They are available with 3 different handle options.

  • Standard T-Handle – Easy to use and sufficient for most.
  • DLX T-Handle – More strength and tightening power for extreme use. The DLX T-handle has twice the handle area.
  • LOX T-Handle – The same strength as a DLX handle with the addition of a lock to keep your cans safe.

Additional information

Weight 16.9 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13.5 × 20.5 in

Standard T-Handle, DLX T-Handle, LOX T-Handle