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Special Transmission-to-Transfer Case MARGASKET

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SKU | MCSE-411

Manufacturer: Marlin Crawler

The Margasket is a special gasket that fits between your 1979-1995 4-cylinder transmission and gear drive transfer case. These gaskets are unique due to their universal nature. As Toyota designed two different front housings, you no longer have to second guess which gasket to use with which donor transfer case. All of the guess work is saved with the Margasket. We have been making our very own Margaskets for nearly a decade now and customers appreciate the attention to detail of our products like the Margasket.

Key features include:

  • Universal Margasket fits any donor case no matter the shift style or year.
  • Removes all the guess work of which gasket to use with which donor case.
  • Eliminates the concern of oil leaks when using short gaskets on tall housings.

Each reduction housing you have will require (1) Margasket. A Single Transfer Case System has one reduction housing and therefore only needs (1) Margasket. A Dual Transfer Case system has two reduction housings and requires (2) Margasket. A Triple Case System requires (3), and so on.

Sold individually.

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  • Weight : 1 LBS