All-Pro Standard Leaf Springs

Improve your Tacoma’s suspension performance and gain lift for tire clearance and long travel with All-Pro Standard Duty leaf springs! The 2005+ Tacoma 3″ lift springs mount in the original spring hangers. They feature a special torque leaf to reduce axle wrap. The 11-leaf pack provides a smooth, progressive spring rate, while extended u-straps and Teflon friction pads improve performance. The military wrap at the non-shackle eye provides the durability to take years of punishment.

All-Pro Expedition Leaf Springs

All-Pro Off Road now offers a heavy duty “Expedition” version of its popular rear leaf springs for Toyota Tacoma’s. Long known for the superior quality and off-road performance of their standard duty leaf springs, All-Pro’s new Expedition leafs are specifically designed to combine off-road performance with heavy duty weight carrying capacity. The popular expedition style trend in off-road vehicles is resulting in trucks that are carrying heavier loads than normally seen off-road. Specialized long-distance excursion gear such as roof-top tents, recovery and repair gear, camping equipment and extra water and fluids can add significantly to the cargo weight of expedition vehicles, exceeding the intended operating parameters of typical performance leaf springs.

All-Pro’s Expedition Leaf Springs feature a 20% higher spring rate than their standard leaf springs. They are otherwise identical in dimension and quality, providing the same eye-to-eye measurements and wheel travel.  Our Expedition leaf springs are designed to carry up to 500 lbs consistently.  **They may settle up to 1/2″ in height.

The Expedition Leaf Springs were developed in conjunction with All-Pro’s Baja Taco R&D platform. The Baja Taco was developed as an all-around off-road vehicle with long-term expedition capabilities as a key design parameter.

“Expedition-oriented products are a growing segment of the Toyota aftermarket,” says All-Pro’s Jon Bundrant.

“We’ve always been at the forefront of development for Toyotas, from rockcrawlers to pre-runners, so the expedition products are a natural addition to our product line.”

Standard Leaf Spring Specifications

– Number of Leaves:  10 + 1 Overload/Rebound
– Eyelet-to-Eyelet Length (Free):  54-3/8″ (1381 mm)
– Spring Rate:  187 lbs/in

Expedition Leaf Spring Specifications

– Number of Leaves:  9 + 1 Overload/Rebound
– Eyelet-to-Eyelet Length (Free):  54-3/8″ (1381 mm)
– Spring Rate:  236 lbs/in

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 18 in
Leaf Spring

Standard Springs, Expedition Springs