Are you looking for super trail flex combined with a stable street ride? Our lift has all the benefits of custom springs with the advantages of mass production (lower price and quicker delivery). Compare these features with other spring makers – All-Pro leaf springs offer: consistent arch, lift, and spring rate; shot-peened leafs to reduce spring fatigue; pre-cycling – to reduce sag; anit-wrap leafs; teflon liners (pads); and full military wrap. This kit yields a 3 inch lift height for 05 and up Tacomas. Kit includes rear leaf springs, bushings, extended brake lines, u-bolt flip kit, and Bilstein Shocks. We recommend 3 inch rear springs for off road use to avoid tire rubbing with 33 inch tires!

All-Pro Leaf Pack (choose Standard or Expedition)

  • A higher number of thinner leafs provides a smoother, progressive spring rate compared to fewer, thicker leaves
  • Double military wrap provides extra strength for the main leaf
  • Torque Leaf, an extra half-leaf at the top of the spring pack, increases anti-wrap properties without hindering travel or ride quality
  • Diamond-cut leaf ends to eliminate stress points which may weaken leafs and lead to premature failure
  • Teflon anti-friction pads between leafs provide smoother flex, lessen spring wear and reduce noise
  • Leafs are shot-peened after forming to relieve stress
  • Every completed spring pack is pre-cycled to their travel extremity for quality control and to reduce the likelihood of initial sag
  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty for non-racing applications when properly installed
  • Use of lifting blocks or shackle flip kits void all warranty on All-Pro Leaf Springs

All-Pro Rear U-Bolt Flip Kit; 4400T-AP-05:
All-Pro Off-Roads U-bolt flip kit turns the U-bolts upside down so the bolt ends face up, away from the rocks. This mod both prevents damage to U-bolt threads and increases ground clearance. Kit comes complete with new heavy duty u-bolts, hardened u-bolt nuts and washers, and heavy duty CAD-plated u-bolt plates. The All-Pro U-Bolt Flip kit comes with tapped plates in every kit.

Bilstein 5125 Series Rear Shocks; BIL-33-230337:
Bilstein 5125 Series rear shocks are designed specifically to help your lifted Tacoma reach its pinnacle in ride performance, while supplying the correct tuning and length for your specific lift.
Features include:

  • Individually engineered for a wide array of specific vehicles and lift combinations
  • Monotube gas pressure technology
  • Easy to install; direct bolt-on; no modification required
  • Multi-layer zinc finish is the most durable in the industry
  • Steel braided rea

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 18 in
Leaf Springs

Standard Springs, Expedition Springs