1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai Front Missing Link Rear Up Front Kit RUF

The Samurai is an incredibly capable off-road machine in stock form.  We all know that!

Still, there are some aspects of the factory design that limit off-road performance. One such limitation is found in the front leaf spring which has little if any downward flexibility.  Limited articulation in the front spring means that traction is easily lost in rocky terrain. One easy solution to this problem is to install a set of rear Samurai springs in the front of the vehicle.  Rear Samurai springs are longer and allow for greater articulation and give a generally better ride quality.  

Low Range Off-Road Front Missing Link Shackles are used in the front of a Samurai in place of small factory spring shackles.  Missing links serve two purposes.  First, they allow longer rear springs to be installed in the front of the vehicle.  Second, they are hinged shackle that drops out once the spring is under full weight.  The added shackle droop from a Missing Link system dramatically improves off-road articulation without compromising driveability.  Anti-inversion stops are used to prevent the missing link from extending too far under load.

This Rear-Up-Front swaps, or RUF, gives about 1.5 lift in the front.  Lift springs or 3 Extended Shackles can be used in the rear to match. 

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Weight 19.54 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4.5 in