Transform your 2003-2018 4Runner, and 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser into a head turner and still retain the factory ride. Unlike other lifts available on the market that make you disassemble the strut assembly for installation, this lift kit is designed to fit on top of the strut. Why do we do it this way? Because the other lifts can pre-load the spring, making your ride harsher- and they are more difficult to install. Many people who have installed the in-the-strut poly spacers in the past have come to us and asked us why their poly spacers are squeezing out of the strut assembly…its because other lifts aren’t designed to take that kind of abuse. You may ask, why don’t we make the spacers out of steel like all other leveling kits on the market? We have found that over time, the other “steel” sandwiched/ welded spacers will flex and the steel will rust, and the tolerances on the holes and components are not as tight as we would like. Over time, the other lifts would “pop” meaning the struts begin to move on the spacers. Aluminum used as a strut spacer has proven to be the best material because it will not rust and has the best characteristics for a spacer of this size. We have done our homework here and come up with an easy to install lift (in 2-3 hrs), with more engineering and components than other lifts have. If you want a quality lift kit, at an affordable price- you have found it.

Included in the kit is:

  • Solid CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Spacers with pre-installed Grade 10.9 Metric studs, and flanged nuts with 14mm head like the factory to ensure that there will be no problems down the road.
    High-grade Rear Polyurethane spacers Designed to provide a 1.5″ lift from stock.  What makes these spacers better than a steel spacer is better comfort, less noise, and ease of install. We have been using these spacers for years, with zero issues! While we do recommend using these on the rear with a coil spring, we would never use polyurethane for a rigid setup such as on the front of the vehicle with the coil spring assembly. The amount of surface area that the coil spring meets on these are much more than on the front. There is no chance of shock absorber damage and no alignment issues. These are perfect for anyone looking for the lift and want something that will last forever.
  • Differential Drop to keep those Constant Velocity Joint boots from tearing, and keeping those CV Joints from premature wear from the increased angle. We have installed other companies differential drops, and the spacers they include are too long, So we came up with the perfect spacer. When too large of a spacer is used, the differential mounting points have large factory washers that will hit the bushing mount on the differential- Causing metal to metal contact. We like to keep everything like it was designed- no noises, no squeaks, no problems. We use Grade 8 or higher Bolts, hardened Washers and flanged nuts for easy installation.
  • Skidplate drop spacers and longer factory style bolts. Why not include an “off the shelf” bolt? Simply put, when doing routine service, the bolts that are on the from the Factory are a 12mm head. Off the shelf metric bolts have a 13mm head….what the? Plus, the factory bolts make it easy to keep the bolt in a socket, unlike others for easy removal and installation. The bolt also has an extra large flange area to keep the bolt from sliding through the hole on the skidplate.
  • Bumpstop Spacers – Ever seen a coil assembly break near the bottom of the shock absorber? Yeah- its because the shock bottomed out and caused the shock to put all the force of the vehicle AND MORE on the shock body. We fix this by spacing the bumpstops, letting the bumpstop take the heat, the shock absorber can be run through its full cycle without ruining the shock itself.

Allows for up to a 33″ Tire with the factory wheels, however most of the time the front mudflap does have to be removed with aftermarket wheel and tire combinations because of different offset.

Front spacers are clear anodized.


Applications include: 2003-2018 Toyota 4Runner, 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Fits great on the TRD 4Runner.  However, this lift should not be used on the TRD PRO.

Please Note: This will not work on 03-15 4Runners Equipped with XREAS type suspension. This WILL work on 2010-2018 4Runners equipped with KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System).

Additional information

Weight 10.35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in