• Will fit 2.5″-2” body 12”- 14″ Mid travel without cutting into the bed
  • Full under bed tower kit no cutting through the box
  • Made from 3/16″ steel and CNC formed with GR8 hardware
  • Axle mounts (included with kit)
  • Mounting tabs sized for standard rod-end shocks (1.5″ wide, 1/2″ bolt)
  • Requires min 1.50″ wheel spacers with 4.75″ backspacing for smooth body, Bypasses with tubes forward should go to 2.0″ wheel spacers
  • Tire rubbing may be an issue otherwise
  • Requires welding and grinding, kit  should be installed from qualified welder/tech
  • Fits DC or 5’ short bed no spacer other box sizes you can install a spacer if you choose to bolt through the floor but not needed .
  • Made in Canada

Shock info:

  • Piggy back reservoirs will NOT work with these towers.
  • Remote reservoir hose needs STRAIGHT fitting perpendicular to shaft

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 6 in