Longfield Studless Hubs

A new, innovative, never before seen product, our Longfield™ Studless Hubs set the bar in quality and performance. The Longfield™ Studless Hub replaces the weaker, prone-to-breaking locking hubs, hub gears, and hub studs by utilizing a stud-less hub design and inner locking puck. Chances are, if you were to break the studs in your hub, the threads would be damaged and the hub would need to be replaced. With the Longfield™ Studless Hubs, you will never again need to worry about your hubs, hub gears, and hub studs breaking on the trail.

The Longfield™ Studless Hub and Inner Locking Puck are both constructed out of chromoly steel for superior strength and quality. The Longfield™ Studless Hubs are stronger than the OEM locking hubs and are designed to handle even higher torque loads than our Creeper Drive Flanges. The Longfield™ Studless Hubs will also include a full set of front wheel bearings to replace your old, worn out bearings.

We are so confident with the quality and strength of our new, innovative Longfield™ Studless Hubs, we are offering it with our legendary, no-questions asked lifetime warranty.

Note: On 1979-1981 Toyota Pickups, you will need the following additional parts:

  • IFS Vented Rotors (part #140332-1)
  • IFS Calipers (part #140444-1 & 140445-1)
  • IFS Caliper Brake Pads (part #140091-1)
  • Front Wheel Studs (part #140392-1)

Note: These will lock your front axle into 4WD. To unlock your front axle, you will need to remove the locking puck.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4.5 in