Low Range Off-Road 1.6L Sidekick/Tracker Power Steering Swap Kits

Our popular Sidekick/Tracker Power Steering Kit is now available for Samurais with 1.6L 8-valve and 16-valve engines.

After a long day of driving your arms will take a beating with the Samurai manual steering.  Power steering is often listed as the most favorite modification Samurai owners have ever done. Which leaves us wondering why Suzuki didn’t include power steering as an option on the Samurai.  The power steering system that Suzuki put on the Sidekick/Tracker would have been perfect for the Samurai. While the factory missed an opportunity here, you can do this conversion with the help of Low Range’s complete Sidekick/Tracker Power Steering Swap Kits. We have taken our time to develop the most complete and highest quality kit available today. 

Unfortunately, when a 1.6L engine is placed in a Samurai, the factory power steering pump is located right where the steering column needs to go.  You need to to relocate a few parts. Our relocation bracket allows a pump, steering box, reservoir bottle, and hoses to be used in your Samurai. Donor parts need to be from a 1989-1998 Suzuki Sidekick or Geo Tracker.  

You will need to locate the following parts from a donor vehicle:

  • Steering Box
  • Steering Pump
  • Reservoir Bottle
  • Hoses

Our pump bracket mounts lower than any other kit on the market. We have found that some kits mount the pumps so high that they starve for fluid.

Sidekick power steering boxes are a great fit for Samurai conversions.  Trail-Gear’s Suzuki Power Flow Steering Boxes Suzuki Power Flow Steering Boxes are pre-tapped for hydraulic assist. Hydro-assist ports come plugged and can be opened without removing the steering box from the vehicle easing the transition from basic power steering system to hydro-assist in the future. We recommend using these boxes if your donor box shows any signs of wear.

All brackets are Zinc-Plated for corrosion protection.  The optional pulley is CNC Machined and Anodized. 

This kit also includes a Rag Joint Eliminator. This eliminates the chance of tearing the steering joint lose which is very common in modified Samurais.  Not only does provide a more reliable steering joint it also eliminates handling problems caused by play in the steering linkage.

Kit Includes:

-Power Steering Pump Bracket

-Fully Bolt on Power Steering Box Flat Bracket 

-Rag Joint Eliminator. No More Flimsy rubber joint here!

-Power Steering Reservoir mount.

-High Quality Power Steering Belt.

-USA Made Gates Hydraulic Reservoir Hoses.

-High Quality Metric Hardware.

– Optional Low Range Off Road CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Serpentine Belt Pulley.

-Downloadable Instructions – The Most complete full color instructions on the market!



This kit fits 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurais which have had 1.6L engines installed. Because of compressor bracket location Air conditioning can not be used with Low Range Sidekick/Tracker Power Steering Swaps.

8-Valve and 16-Valve engines require unique brackets.  Please specify which engine you will be using.

Our aluminum pulleys are not needed on most 1.6L engines.  However if your 1.6L came out of a manual steering Sidekick or Tracker you may have a single serpentine crank pulley.  In this case you will want to add the crank pulley option to your kit.

Note: Donor steering box, pump, reservoir and lines are not included.  

Additional information

Weight 16.2 lbs
Dimensions 12028 × 112212 × 17 in