Ram Double Ended 1.38 Inch Diameter Shaft 10.0 Inch Stroke Rock Assault Double-Ended Ram, 2.5 Inch Bore x 1.375 Inch Rod This is the ram you have been looking for if you are building a rig for off-road racing or rock crawling competitions and need extra steering force for the largest tires.

Our Rock Assault Double-Ended Ram has a one-piece 1.375 Inch, 35mm, diameter 4340 chromoly steel rod that is more resistant to bending under heavy steering loads. We also increased the bore size to 2.5 Inch, 64mm, to give you 5,649 lbs. of force at 1650 psi. That’s 15 percent more force than our standard Rock Assault Double-Ended Ram.

Of course, we kept all the features that made our standard Rock Assault Double-Ended Ram so reliable. We still have dual rod seals on each end to prevent fluid leakage under heavy loads, and polyurethane wiper seals on each end protect the seals from dirt and debris. Dual piston wear bands and rod bushings on each end allow the ram to absorb much higher side loads than other double-ended rams. The triple-lip piston seal prevents fluid bypass and gives you consistent steering with no drift. The cylinder has a black zinc-plated finish to prevent corrosion, and the number 6 JIC steering ports will work with all standard number 6 JIC fittings.

The rod has 0.75 Inch-16 female threads on each end. Available in your choice of 8.0 Inch, 8.75 Inch, or 10.0 Inch stroke. If you are using our Rock Assault 9 Front Axle Housing you will need to use a 10.0 Inch ram for your steering setup.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 7 × 7 in

8", 8.75", 10"