Trail-Creeper 29-Spline Ring And Pinion Gears Kit Looking for a Toyota Ring and Pinion that is even stronger than our Trail-Creeper Ring and Pinion gears? Trail-Gear is proud to introduce Trail-Creeper 29-Spline Ring and Pinion gears.

The 29-spline section on the pinion shaft is 7 Percent bigger in diameter than the standard 27-spline pinion shaft, resulting in fewer broken pinion shafts. Our Trail-Creeper Ring and Pinion gears are made from tool-grade 8620 steel and heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance.

The gear teeth are cut using Gleason CNC hobbing machines and cutters. Gleason gear-cutting technology produces an unprecedented level of accuracy and surface finish, which allows the gears to transmit more torque and improve fuel efficiency. The higher accuracy and surface finish also produces a quieter-running gear set, which means they’ll work great on the daily driver too.

If you’re looking for a Gear Set that’s easy on the wallet, but can handle whatever you throw at it, look no further, because Trail-Creeper 29-Spline Ring and Pinion gears are only available from Trail-Gear. On Toyota trucks we recommend 4.88’s for 33.0 Inch tires and 5.29 for 35.0 Inch and larger. Requires 29-spline pinion flange, 29-spline pinion seal, and 29-spline pinion nut.

Requires Ring and Pinion Setup kit to complete the installation into your existing differential housing. For Toyota 8.0 Inch solid axles only. Will not fit 7.5 Inch IFS front axles.

All new 3rd members require a break-in period to prevent damage from overheating. Any overloading or over-heating during this periods can cause the gear oil to break down resulting in ring and pinion failure. This may seem unnecessary but it is very easy to damage the differential by loading it before the gear set is completely run in. New ring and pinion gears create excess heat when they are new. This excess heat can damage the heat treatment of the gears.
Ring and Pinion Break-In Procedure:

  • After installation drive lightly for 20-30 minutes
  • Allow the diff to cool for at least two hours
  • Avoid heavy throttle use during the first 500 miles
  • Do not tow a trailer during the first 500 miles
  • Change oil after 500 miles to remove any particles suspended in the oil


  • Heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance
  • Larger 29-Spline pinion spline for increased strength
  • Includes forged chromoly 29-spline Quadruple-drilled flange with dust shield
  • Dust shield pre-installed onto flange
  • High-pinion sets also include a high-pinion oil slinger



  • 1979-1985 Toyota Pickup (Requires 29-spline diff flange, nut, & seal)
  • 1986-1995 Toyota Pickup (Rear axle only. Requires 29-spline diff flange, nut, & seal)
  • 1984-1985 Toyota 4Runner (Requires 29-spline diff flange, nut, & seal)
  • 1986-1995 Toyota 4Runner (Rear axle only. Requires 29-spline diff flange, nut, & seal)

Note: Will not fit 7.5″ IFS front axles.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4.5 in
Gear Ratio

4.88, 5.29

Diff Housing

4cyl, High Pinion, V6