Sidekick Full Twin Stick Kit by Low Range Off-Road

Finally a way to put Twin Sticks on your Sidekick, Tracker, x90, or Vitara.

The biggest advantage of a twin stick setup is that it allows you to be in 2wd Low Range. It can be difficult to steer while in 4wd, especially with a front locker or with large off-road tires. You no longer need to be a bodybuilder to steer your Sidekick or Trackers on the trail. With a twin stick conversion you will be able to benefit from crawling gears while leaving the front differential unlocked. With the flip of a lever you can engage the front driveline when it is needed.

Without twin sticks, some drivers are forced to leave their hubs unlocked to simulate 2wd low.  While that works, it still allows the front driveline to spin which can create noticeable vibration. All too often, it’s not a good time to get out of the vehicle by the time you realize you should be in 4wd. 

Installation requires removal of the center transfer case  detent ball. This transfer case is not known for being the easiest to rebuild. We have detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions to help.

Once internal modification is done, the rest of the kit bolts to the top of the transfer case in place of your original shift tower.

Clearance of floor and console modification is required.

⚠ WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight 7.25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 7 in