At some point in most enthusiasts’ history with their Samurais, a front axle rebuild will be advisable. If you choose to tackle that project yourself, you’ll find that U.S. metric fasteners require different socket sizes (for the same hole diameters) than the old rusted stock fasteners that you’re replacing. If you want to stay consistent with stock, you’ll need fasteners that comply with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Our Knuckle/Hub JIS Fastener set provides all bolts, nuts, washers and studs necessary to refresh your hardware from the knuckle ball swivel outward on both ends of the axle (with the exception of the Wheel Bearing Spindle Nuts and Front Wheel Studs). All bolts are Grade 8.8 and zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.

This set includes:

  • Spindle Bolts with Lock Washers
  • Hub Dial Bolts with Built-In Washer
  • Knuckle King Pin Bolts
  • Knuckle Ball Swivel Seal Bolts
  • Brake Caliper Bolts
  • Locking Hub Studs
  • Hub Cone Washers
  • Hub Lock Washers and Nuts

Additional information

Weight 2.55 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in