Are you squinting to see through a cracked spider webbed front windshield? Why not replace it with one of our Glass or our Lexan Polycarbonate Windshields for you Samurai.

Which is better for you?

The Lexan Polycarbonate Windshield is 250% stronger than glass and will never break. It has a scratch resistant coating and produces less glare than glass. It also has a higher R rating so it holds in more heat in the winter and does not let heat in as much in the hot summer. If you roll the rig and bend the frame, the poly shield will pop out rather than break and send glass into your face.

So why do we still sell glass shields? The glass one will hold up better if your using it for mudding when you will be getting gritty mud up there and using your wipers. Glass resists scratches better.  It also goes without saying that you should check local laws.  Glass is often required by local highway laws. 

Both options include a new rubber seal. 

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 44.5 × 20.5 × 4.75 in