TC Style Power Steering Bracket Kit – Suzuki 1.6L 16-Valve

Use Low Range Off-Road’s TC Style Power Steering Pump Bracket to get the most out of your Samurai’s power steering swap. A long day on the trail is much easier to handle when your Samurai is equipped with power steering. The power steering system that Suzuki put on the Sidekick/Tracker would have been perfect for the Samurai. While the factory missed an opportunity here, you can do this conversion with the help of Trail-Gear’s completely New Suzuki Power Flow Steering Box. Many power steering conversions use the Sidekick power steering pump which works well on a stock Samurai but is woefully inadequate for the job after common off-road modifications such as large tires and lockers.

If you are struggling to turn your steering wheel while crawling it is time to upgrade to the Saginaw TC style pump. The TC Pump, also known as The GM Type II Pump, is much stronger than the factory Sidekick/Tracker pump and will make a huge difference in your Samurai’s steering performance.

SST-TCB16 is for use on Samurais with a 1.6L 16-Valve Sidekick engine swap.

Installation is fully bolt-on and uses existing mounting holes. 

You will need a custom length power steering belt  approximatly 37.5 in length. We have used K040370.

Note: Brackets only work with serpentine pulleys and TC Style pump. V-Belt pulleys will not work. You will need a new Serpentine Crank pulley specifically made for this conversion available from Low Range Off-Road. 

⚠ WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 4 in