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In order to keep the larger 1986+ calipers when doing a solid axle swap on a Pickup/4Runner you need a set of FJ60 Land Cruiser vented rotors. These rotors also fit 1981-85 Toyota Pickup/4Runner solid front axles when using 86 to 95 IFS style calipers. Simple bolt-on installation. Once rotors are installed, 1986-1995 IFS style front calipers bolt right onto the 1981-1985 solid axle knuckle. The standard rotors found on 79 to 85 axles is a solid rotor known to warp when used with large tires due to their inability to dissipate heat. The vented rotors allow vastly increased cooling, increasing the brake performance and life.


Why do these not fit my 1979-1980 axle, and what do I need to do about it?

In August of 1980, Toyota updated the brake and axle hub design on the FJ40 Land Cruiser, FJ60 Land Cruiser, and the Hilux Pickup. The former design, adopted from the 1976 disc brake FJ40 Land Cruiser, utilized a 6-hole rotor where the rotor was attached to the axle hub using 6 rotor bolts, and the wheel was attached to the axle hub using 6 wheel studs (12 bolts in total). When the FJ60 Land Cruiser was introduced in August of 1980, Toyota changed this design to an 8-hole rotor where two of these holes aligned the rotor to the axle hub, and the 6 wheel studs passed through both the rotor and the axle hub (8 bolts in total). This newer design connects the wheel to the rotor providing increased brake safety.

Because these first generation Hilux pickups are now over 30 years old, its possible that somewhere along the way the original parts were swapped out. The easiest way to determine which axle hub you have is by examining its outer diameter. Please consider the image below. Early 1979-80 axle hubs have a completely round shape (shown on the left) whereas the 1981-85 axle hubs have notches. Moreover the late model axle hubs only have 6 holes, one for each wheel stud.

Comparison of Toyota Rotor and Axle Hub Designs
Therefore, in order to run our vented FJ60 rotors with larger IFS style calipers, you must have the 8/1980 - 1985 style axle hubs. These hubs may be found at wrecking yards and are compatible with early style 1979-7/80 spindles.


Rotors are sold individually.

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